Some of the cool side-projects I’ve been working on.

Last updated: September 2017

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awesome lists

awesome logo

I’ve started by giving some small contributions to awesome and awesome-scifi. Then, the whole thing exploded and I was making my own awesome lists (like awesome-linux (~900 stars) and awesome-c (~700 stars)) and later on becoming one of the maintainers of awesome (~65k stars), awesome-scifi (~1.4k stars) and awesome-atom (~1.4k stars).

Net neutralnost

Net neutralnost was an online protest in which about a dozen of sites from my region (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia) decided to spend a day to spark the story about net neutrality in our local region. I’ve started the action, wrote the content on the website, coordinated the shutdown, coordinated the social campaign, and wrote a couple of articles to the websites that agreed to enter the action.

Battery API

battery api

Battery is a very simple web page that shows you the battery status of your device by using the Battery Status API. Compatible with Chrome and Firefox (on desktop and Android). Code available here.


clean desktop screenshot

fake working screenshot

The dotfiles of my i3wm install. Code available here.

Jazbina:’s Tech Blog

Jazbina’s tech team deals with some crazy shit at work. So, why not blog about it? During my time at OCCRP, we’ve created our own blog using Hugo as our preferred static site generator.